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Aqua Medic Blenny Qube High-Gloss White

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Aqua Medic Blenny Qube High-Gloss White

The Blenny Qube is an aquarium complete system, which is characterized by the extensive series equipment. By means of the controller both the skimmer EVO 500 and the flow pump EcoDrift 4.1 can be controlled and can thus be adjusted to the needs of the animals you keep. 

The integrated filter basin, which is separated by a high-quality acrylic glass back wall, ensures easy handling. Another highlight is the LED lighting Qube 50. The LED cluster chip consists of 24 individual LED elements in five different light colors. 

These can be set manually by means of two different channels manually in light color and quantity. The high energy density of the LED luminaire makes it possible to keep animals that require a lot of light. Skimmer, flow pump and LED lighting have a 0 - 10 volt connection, which allows the use of external control units. 

The three sides of premium clear glass round off the overall picture in design and quality.



The EcoDrift 4.1 is a controllable flow pump (2,000 - 4,000 l / h), which is integrated into the rear wall and has a particularly soft flow stream (24 V, 3-10 W). Incl. Wave controller to regulate the flow power and wave frequency. Integrated 0 - 10 Volt connection for the use of external control units.


The EVO 500 is an extremely quiet and efficient protein skimmer. Incl. Controller for the power regulation of the dispenser pump DC Runner 1.1 (24 V, max. 7 W). Integrated 0 - 10 Volt connection for external control units.


The Qube 50 features a high-power LED spotlight with a balanced light spectrum. Five light colors with high energy density, specially adapted for strong coral growth (24 V, max. 50 W). The color and light quantity can be set manually via two channels. Integrated 0 - 10 Volt connection for the use of external control units.


Integrated filter chamber incl. Surface removal for receiving the skimmer as well as other filter media available as an option.


Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 40 x 50 x 40 cm

Water level: approx. 38 cm

Water volume: approx. 76 l


Please note that shipping costs apply when shipping aquariums. The shipping company brings the pool to the front door, so that the transport to the final destination has to be organized.

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