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Red Sea Skimmer with DC Pump

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product description

Red Sea Skimmer with DC Pump

The Reefer DC skimmers incorporate self-levelling technology that prevents foaming over,
and prevents full tanks from overflowing while continuing to aerate the water.

The self-levelling function is always activated when the moisture of the foam in the neck
exceeds the "overfoaming" threshold set by the user. The intensity of the pump is
reduced immediately to prevent over-foaming and then gradually increased or decreased depending on the moisture of the foam until the preset
moisture of the foam until the preset pump intensity is reached and stable skimming is restored.

User-friendly functions :

  • Precision gear valve for positive flow regulation
  • Pump bracket with quick release for easy maintenance
  • 1-metre drain hose with valve
  • 3 installation optionsm with skimmer regulation to the left, right or rear. 
  • Built-in manual neck cleaner 
  • Unique foam viewing window in the collection tank for easy monitoring and 
    adjustment of foam level

Main features of the pump :

  • Extra quiet.
  • Low power consumption 20-30 W.
  • Variable flow.
  • Self-levelling function.
  • Connects to the ReefBeat ecosystem.
  • Notifications when pump is running dry or blocked.
  • One pump for all Reefer skimmers.
  • Drop-in replacement for PSK AC pumps.
  • ReefRun dual controller required.
  • Air flow 500-900 l/h.



 DC Skimmer 300DC Skimmer 600DC Skimmer 900
Height53 cm56 cm539 cm
Sicce pumpPSK DC-1200
PSK DC-1200
PSK DC-1200
Air flow (Lph)500750900

Water flow rate (Lph)

Power consumption20W25W30W

The Reefer DC Skimmer offers a combination of self-levelling technology, a PSK DC pump, 
a proportional size venturi, a bubble diffuser and reaction body that optimises the air-water contact time. 

The REEFER DC Skimmer is equipped with a dual-action solid-state sensor that monitors foam wetness and waste level.
level so that the ReefRun Dual Controller can regulate the DC pump accordingly. 
exceptionally quiet due to the PSK DC pump, rubber connections and an air intake silencer.

The diffusion chamber distributes the generated fine bubbles evenly through the PSK DC pump over the skimmer cone without reducing the air or water flow. 
skimmer cone without reducing the air or water flow.

The Reefer DC Skimmer is operated via the ReefRun Dual Controller, which is available separately, as it can also simultaneously operate 
the ReefRun DC return pump at the same time. 

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