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Deltec Automatic Cleaning System

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product description

Deltec Automatic Cleaning System

Fatty substances, produced by the skimming process, tend to cover the inner surface of the inner skimmer cup tube. These fatty substances will
progressively reduce the performance of any protein skimmer.
Only regular cleaning will maintain max. skimmer performance. When using a Deltec cleaning system, cleaning is fully automatic. 

Product details:

  • Automatic foam pot cleaning system for all skimmers from the 1500 series.
  • The lid is turned electrically every 4 hours and the foam bowl is cleaned with a silicone scraper.
  • Other cleaning intervals can be set with a timer.
  • Automatic draining through a siphon system from the 2000 series.

The cleaning system has two functions
1) It cleans the inner surface of the inner skimmer cup tube
An electronically controlled step motor operates a pair of silicone wipers, witch remove the fatty substances from the inner skimmer cup tube.
Contrary to other systems using water flushing, the unwanted substances are not being washed down into the system, but removed into the
skimmer cup. The cleaning interval is set at every 4 hours. By using a timer the interval can be set to any time desired. To start the unit the
transformer supplied with the cleaning head is plugged into main socket or a timer (the timer is not supplied). If a timer is being used the
cleaning interval can be set as desired but at least once every 24 hours. The duration of each cleaning cycle should only be one or two

2) It flushes and empties the skimmer cup at intervals from CS 3000
The skimmer cup can be flushed and emptied automatically. To do this, the skimmer cup must be connected to a pump feeding tap water to
the skimmer cup from a reservoir, or to a solenoid valve fitted to a mains water supply. Either pump or solenoid valve must be controlled by a
timer (the timer is not supplied). With the water supply switched on, the skimmer cup will be filled up to a set level, when the siphon will
automatically empty the skimmer cup through a special outlet. The piping into the drain should be as short as possible. 
Important: The water supply into the skimmer cup should be at least 2 l/min to ensure proper functioning of the siphon system.

- Fit cleaning head onto skimmer cup.
- Plug transformer into main socket or a timer and set the timer as desired.

From CS 3000
- Fit Siphon tube to skimmer cup. Connect outlet. Open shut off valve and fit the drain hose to the hose tail. Hose tail must point downwards.
- Connect flexible pipe (supplied with cleaning head) from cleaning head to a water supply.
 Open water supply (minimum 2 l/min) and test siphon function.

- The mains socket(s) for the transformer and possibly a solenoid valve must be located in a dry area. They must be positioned in such a way
that contact with moisture or water is not possible.
- Shut off valve (A) must always remain in the open position when using the cleaning system. Closing of the shut off valve could lead to
damage and loss.
-Test the cleaning system on a regular basis for proper function, especially the siphon system; check all connections for leaks.

Technical data : Voltage: 230V / 12V Power consumption: 12 Watt 

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