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CaribSea Coraline Maui Wowie 9,07 kg

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product description

CaribSea Coraline Maui Wowie 9,07 kg

Caribbean Coraline Maui Wowie 9,07 kg

CORALINE - Great colors and textures and the pH support make our product lines Coraline and Seaflor so special. These materials are coarser and better suited for background filtration or fish systems or as an accent for finer sands and where somewhat higher pH values are also desired. Coraline products can be used very well in brackish or cichlid aquariums (Central American or African). Seaflor Puka Shell are also a good addition for aquariums with fine sand and many sand ditches. Jawfish, blennys and digging crustaceans will appreciate the additional "building material". Our substrates have been compiled from pollutants such as ash, metals, pesticides and silica and allow you to create a beautiful and safe environment for your fish and invertebrates. The fine graduation makes the design of your Aquarium as simple as possible.

Recommended for: Marine, reef and hard water aquariums.

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