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Glamorca Reverse Osmosis RO1

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Glamorca Reverse Osmosis RO1

The GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system produces optimal water for marine and freshwater aquariums. Integrated deionization filter!The GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system is equipped with an additional cartridge after the membrane to remove the smallest residues of silicates and nitrates. It is thus possible to obtain a water with a retention rate of more than 99%, with a total dissolved solids TDS close to 0 or even 0. Water quality in real time!The GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system informs in real time about the quality of the produced osmosis water, TDS in ppm, thanks to its LCD display. Filter changes are easy!Changing the filter of the GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system is childs play. The integrated LED filter change indicator informs you when it is time to replace a filter cartridge. The filter cartridges or the membrane can be replaced in a jiffy. Only 15cm wide!With a width of only 15 cm, the GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system can be easily integrated into a cabinet. Up to 380 L / day!The GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system produces up to 380 liters of osmosis water per day, under optimal conditions. With water leak sensor!For maximum safety, the GLAMORCA Reverse Osmosis System has been equipped with a water leak sensor. If a leak is detected, an alarm sounds and the reverse osmosis system stops operating.'

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