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Europefilter Osmosis Filter Ultimate Plus 400

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product description

Europefilter Osmosis Filter Ultimate Plus 400

Europefilter Osmosis System Ultimate Plus


  • Reversible water filter Mod. Ultimate Plus
  • 1x sediment filter 5 microns
  • 1x activated carbon filter
  • 1x activated carbon block filter
  • 1x Activated charcoal filter from coconut shells
  • 1x TFC high performance membrane 400GPD
  • Especially low noise pressure boosting pump incl. Power supply
  • Water tap
  • Hose lines in different colors
  • Filter & membrane key (for a simple filter or membrane change)
  • Complete connection and mounting set
  • Comprehensible and illustrated installation instructions

Filter Stages of the Europefilter Osmosis Filter Ultimate Plus

1st stage: Sediment filter 5 microns

The sediment filter with a filtration size of 5 microns (corresponds to 5 / 1000ths of a millimeter) consists of a high-quality polypropylene fleece. The sediment filter has a very high number of open micropores on the entire surface which allows a particularly effective absorption capacity of impurities. Due to the perfected structure, a large number of particles, e.g. Sand, mud, rust particles and mechanical impurities are removed from the tap water. The sediment filter consists of a special polypropylene, which is particularly resistant to chemical agents and at the same time prevents the development of microorganisms.

2nd stage: Activated carbon filter

The active carbon filter consists of a high-quality activated carbon granulate with a very coarse-pore surface. The active carbon filter removes almost all chlorine particles, odors, flavors, phenol, benzene and organic impurities from the tap water due to the particularly high absorption capacity of the individual granulates. The activated charcoal filter improves the taste extremely and also the optical aesthetics of the filtered water. The active carbon filter is additionally equipped with a polypropylene tuft on the inside so that the activated carbon granules can not escape.

Stage 3: Activated carbon block filter

This filter is made of baked activated carbon powder and has a particularly coarse surface structure with many tiny chambers and channels. These have a very high absorption capacity and remove or reduce free chlorine particles, solvents, odorants, pesticides, inorganic substances, phenol, benzene and organic impurities. A fine polypropylene fleece envelopes the activated carbon block filter, which results in additional filtration of the finest impurities of up to 3 microns (3 / 1000th of a millimeter).

4th stage: TFC Membrane 400GPD / 600GPD

The quality membrane was produced from a laser-perforated polymer film and removed up to 100% of all pollutants, e.g. Coliforme germs, bacteria, herbicides, fungicides, nitrate, nitrite, uranium, asbestos, drug residues and much more. From the tap water.

5th stage: activated charcoal filter

The organic activated carbon granules from which these filters are made has been carefully selected from coconut shells and carefully processed. The active carbon filter filters the water stored in the storage tank and also ensures a pleasant and invigorating taste. The active carbon filter is additionally equipped with a polypropylene tuft, which means that the activated carbon granules can not escape.

Technical Details of the Osmosis System Ultimate Plus

Recommended for:Aquaristics, Households
Size Aquarium:up to 1000 Liters
Waste water ratio:1 to 1
Filter speed:up to 1,5 Liters/Min.
Daily performance:up to 2200 Liters/Day
Filter levels:5 Levels
Membrane:400 GPD/600 GPD
Power connection:Yes
Fresh water tank:No
Required pressure:1 bar
Pressure boosting pump:Yes

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