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D-D H2Ocean Ultraflow Weir Comb 60cm

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D-D H2Ocean Ultraflow Weir Comb 60cm

D-D H2Ocean Ultraflow Weir Comb 60cm

Designed by D-D and produced within the U.K.

Maintaining high flow through a standard a weir comb isn’t an easy task, weir boxes are usually manufactured to be as small and unobtrusive as possible but that often results in the display aquarium run height backing up due to the short linear length of the top of the weir glass and to the added restriction of a standard weir comb.

The D-D UltraFlow weir employs horizontal and vertical drain slots allowing around 30-50% more water to flow through the slotted sections compared to a standard vertical overflow comb greatly reducing the water run height of the display aquarium. When employing restrictive standard vertical weir combs water can start to back up in front of the combs and to touch the brace bars or at worst overflow the aquarium!!.

The higher flow through the weir comb also allows for higher output return pumps to be employed .

Innovative design by D-D

Designed to retro fit existing aquaria or for installation as part of your new aquarium build.

  • Adjustable glass runner for 6,8 and 10mm glass
  • Can be installed on glass over 10mm thick by cutting the runner and bonding it directly to the glass
  • Easily removable grided section for easy cleaning and to maintain high flow
  • Ultra high flow rates
  • Available in 60cm lengths

"Ultra Zoanthus", also known as "Japanese Zoanthus" are extremely vibrant Zoanthus from greater water depths. For acclimation the temperature should not exceed 20-24°C, otherwise they are susceptible to disease. Well-acclimated colonies can withstand higher temperatures later on. They are sensitive to pressure damage, so when handling, glueing, fragging, etc... them, care needs to be taken not to squish them. The care is distinctly more demanding than most other Zoanthus, however the exrtremely vibrant, colorful patterns are well worth it.

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