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Deltec E-Flow 10, 9.000 Ltr. / 24 Volt

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product description

Deltec E-Flow 10, 9.000 Ltr. / 24 Volt

Deltec E-Flow pumps are brushless motor, true sine wave pumps. They incorporate the lasts technology in energy saving and performance control. They come with a separate controller. The power consumption and performance can be selected with the up/down buttons located on the face of the controller. The pumps revolutions are fully automatically adjusted until the set wattage has been reached (not a mere revolution control). The pump itself can be installed either dry outside the sump or submersed inside the sump or aquarium.

Technical specifications                            E-Flow 10           E-Flow 12            E-Flow R3

Volume max.                                            10.300 Liter/h    11.800 Liter/h     9.000 Liter/h

Water pressure max.                               9,0 Meter           8,5 Meter            10,5 Meter

Power consumption max.                       130 Watt             130 Watt             130 Watt

power selection                                       13 Stufen            13 Stufen            13 Stufen

tension                                                     24 Volt                 24 Volt                 24 Volt

Inlet diameter                                           40 mm                 40 mm                  40 mm

Outlet diameter                                        32 mm                 40 mm                  32 mm

Pump dimensions (l / w / h) mm             195x132x212     200x135x214     230x135x214

mass                                                       3,50 kg                 3,60 kg                 3,90 kg

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