JBL ProTemp CoolControl

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product description

JBL ProTemp CoolControl

Thermostat to regulate 12 V cooling fans for aquariums

Automatic activation of the cooling fan when a set temperature between 18 and 36 °C is exceeded (for all JBL Cooler cooling fans)

Simple installation: plug JBL CoolControl connection cable into the JBL Cooler. 
Plug the power supply unit of the JBL Cooler into the JBL CoolControl. Select temperature and switch on

Temperature setting wheel from 18-36 °C, function control diode, temperature sensor for measuring the water temperature, DC 5/2 mm plug

Switch for Automatic, Manual or Off, operating voltage, function control diode, 12 V DC over power supply of the cooling fan

Package contents: thermostat with temperature sensor and 132 cm connection cable to the JBL Cooler, 
suction holder for temperature sensor (90 cm cable) and double-sided adhesive tape for attachment

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