Preis Easy Glue Underwater 2x3g

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product description

Preis Easy Glue Underwater 2x3g

  • Odourless
  • Fast hardening
  • simple to shape
  • allows growth of tissue and red calciferous algae

Every coral breeder or owner of a marine aquarium needs Easy Glue Coral Adhesive. Easy Glue is very simple to use, has no odour and sheds no pollutants into the water. This innovative coral adhesive makes it very simple to produce coral offshoots fast, leaving your hands free from unpleasant adhesive residues.

Important: Do not mix up the Plus/Minus tin and spoon.
Close the lid with the inner lid firmly after use as the adhesive can harden if these are mixed.

Instructions for use:
Mix the Plus and Minus material in equal parts in the required
quantity. Knead the Easy Glue for about 30-60 seconds to form an even unicoloured mass. Now you can affix the coral pieces with Easy Glue; it dries completely within about 2 minutes.

Do not use latex gloves as these react with Easy Glue.
Shaping the corals with your bare hands leaves no unpleasant adhesive residues.

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