Dolabella auricularia - Sea Hare

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Dolabella auricularia - Sea Hare


The Sea Hare (Dolabella auricularia) which belongs to the family of slugs is an excellent algae eater and is often used to fight plagues of algae in aquariums. Even thread and slime algae are destroyed by it. In aquariums the Sea Hare is usually grows no bigger than 12 cm.
Since the Sea Hare is very sensitive to density changes, it should be acclimated very carefully to the tank, for example unsing the drip method. In addition, there always have to be enough algae in the aquarium because the Sea Hare starves otherwise. Partially it also accedts herbal pellets as alternative feed. Overall the Seahare is a food specialist which makes it quite challenging to keep for a longer time.
The aquarium itself should contain at least 300 litres wherein the animal is best kept singly.

The most important facts about Sea Hares at a glance:

Scientific name: Dolabella Auricularia
Popular name: Sea Hare
Maximum size: ca. 12 cm (in aquariums)
Minimum aquarium size: 300 litres
Care level: demanding
Compatibleness: peaceful
Keeping: single
Feeding: algae, maybe herbal pellets

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