Sustainability as Business Philosophy
The German company Dennerle doesn't just want to fight the symptoms of problems with its products but also their causes and therefore it tries to ensure in quality and innovation that its products for the end user are as comfortable and efficient as possible. At the same time, it is important for Dennerle to produce the products in a ressource saving and environmentally friendly manner and make them equally usable, for example by reducing packaging or a very long service life. The products should be functional and at the same time perfectly coordinated with one another, which preserve the natural circulation and are harmless for nature, humans and animals. This way, a piece of nature can be experienced at home in a sustainable way.

The ecosystem "Aquarium" - complex but not complicated
Each aquarium is an ecosystem of its own, which is based on Dennerle's company philosophy as a healthy plant growth because they clean both the water and produce the oxygen for the fish. For Dennerle a holistic view of the ecosystem "aquarium" is important, because this is the only way to understand and adjust the biological cycles as a functioning system according to natural processes. The coordinated products from Dennerle form a system with which underwater landscapes can be easily and safely maintained.
Dennerle - since 1966.

Dennerle Reeflight Replacement Lamp Blue/White 1:3 24W

EUR 13,08 -40% RRP EUR 21,79 *

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