Cypraea tigris - Tiger Porcelain Snail XL

Cypraea tigris - Tiger Porcelain Snail XL

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Cypraea tigris - Tiger Porcelain Snail XL

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The Tiger Porcelain Snail is approximately 7-10 cm tall and a real eye-catcher with their unique snail shell. During the day it mostly lives withdrawn so plenty of hiding places in an aquarium of at least 200 litres are essential. At night they stroll through the aquarium in search of their main food algae which must be present in sufficient numbers. Since they are very rough on these „forays“ - corals could be ripped from their spot. It may also happen that the snails eats invertebrates such as anemones or sponges. In addition to the algae e.g. mussel filet can be fed.

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