Coral-ID: The Popular Science Coral Lexicon

Coral-ID is an online coral lexicon which is intentionally sorted by common name. By establishing Coral-ID as a popular science coral data base, we aim to communicate better as salt water aquarists and no longer talk at cross purposes. You are welcome to get involved in this. We offer you the opportunity to upload your coral photos to Coral-ID once they have been checked. Please send your coral photos to Rare, rarer, HALL OF FAME. We introduced the category HALL OF FAME as a special addition: here you will find real highlights and extremely rare corals imported by in the past.
"Enjoy browsing! Christian Kapaun and the team"

Wellsophyllia Rainbow
Bubble Mushroom Red
Acanthophyllia Red Dragon
Fungia Blue
Ricordea florida Nuclear XXL
Euphyllia divisa Green Neon
Scolymia Total Eclipse
Stichodactyla haddoni Red
Heteractis malu
Heteractis malu
Acropora Strawberry Shortcake
Phymantus crucifer
Min-Max Anemone Blue
Scolymia Golden Orange
Fungia Blue
Lobophyllia Gumball
Cynarina Gold
Cynarina Pink
Lobophyllia Yellow
Catalaphyllia Neon


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