Coral-ID: The Popular Science Coral Lexicon

Coral-ID is an online coral lexicon which is intentionally sorted by common name. By establishing Coral-ID as a popular science coral data base, we aim to communicate better as salt water aquarists and no longer talk at cross purposes. You are welcome to get involved in this. We offer you the opportunity to upload your coral photos to Coral-ID once they have been checked. Please send your coral photos to Rare, rarer, HALL OF FAME. We introduced the category HALL OF FAME as a special addition: here you will find real highlights and extremely rare corals imported by in the past.
"Enjoy browsing! Christian Kapaun and the team"

Acanthastrea Alien Eye
Acanthastrea Rainbow Glow
Acanthastrea Bloody Ice
Acanthastrea Morningdew
Acanthastrea Emerald Eye
Acanthastrea Lemon Tiger
Acanthastrea Ring of Fire
Acanthastrea Stardust Red
Acanthastrea Lava Glow
Acanthastrea Kyoto Palace
Acanthastrea Rainbow Snow
Acanthastrea Watame
Acanthastrea Tokyo Tart
Acanthastrea Black Lotus
Acanthastrea Rainbow Carnival
Acanthastrea Golden Fields
Acanthastrea Orange Tiger
Acanthastrea Bloodshot Eyes
Acanthastrea Rainbow Bomb
Acanthastrea Rainbow Stripes
Acanthastrea Rattlesnake Red
Acanthastrea Golden Bee
Acanthastrea Olympic Rainbow
Acanthastrea Ruby Rainbow
Acanthastrea Purple Rainbow
Acanthastrea Lava Rainbow
Acanthastrea Dragon Eye
Acanthastrea Cherry Eye
Acanthastrea Rainbow Red
Acanthastrea Rastafari Rainbow
Acanthastrea Stardust
Acanthastrea Nuclear Green
Acanthastrea Samurai Red
Acanthastrea Mellow Meadows
Acanthastrea Orange Rings
Acanthastrea Sunkissed Orange
Acanthastrea Conservative Rainbow
Acanthastrea Spearmint
Acanthastrea Super Orange
Acanthastrea Golden Abyss
Acanthastrea Iron Heart
Acanthastrea Alien Lotus
Acanthastrea Nightmare Rainbow
Acanthastrea Japanese Invader
Acanthastrea Lizard Eye
Acanthastrea Eye of Ra
Acanthastrea Cotton Candy
Acanthastrea Rainbow Rings
Acanthastrea Sour Apple Rings
Acanthastrea Pink Rainbow
Acanthastrea Rainbow Sparkles
Acanthastrea Python Green
Acanthastrea Rainbow
Acanthastrea Bloody Snow
Acanthastrea Orange Snow
Acanthastrea Rainbow Blast
Acanthastrea Heartbreaker
Acanthastrea Orange Trigger
Acanthastrea la Vie en Rose
Acanthastrea Count Zero
Acanthastrea Darksider
Acanthastrea Red Candy
Acanthastrea Mountain Spring
Acanthastrea Belladonna
Acanthastrea Lotus Vale
Acanthastrea Gecko
Acanthastrea Green Lagoon
Acanthastrea lordhowensis


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