Cerithium caeruleum - Cerith Sand Snail

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Cerithium caeruleum - Cerith Sand Snail


The Cerith Sand Snail (Cerithium caeruleum) mainly stays in the substrate during the day. It also frees the sand from cyanobacteria by chewing it through. At night it becomes active and rasps algae deposits off stones and glass. It also eats organic waste. Thus the Cerith Sand Snail has an important cleaning function in the aquarium.
The Cerith Sand Snail should be kept in aquaria from 10 liters which offer enough fine substrate. In order to achieve the desired cleaning effect circa ten snails per 100 litres should be introduced. The snails are in general very peaceful and easy to care for animals.

The most important facts about Cerith Sand Snails at a glance:

Scientific name: Cerithium Caeruleum
Popular name: Cerith Sand Snail
Maximum size: 3 cm
Minimum aquarium size: 10 litres
Care level: easy
Compatibleness: peaceful
Keeping: ca. ten snails per 100 litres
Feeding: cyanobacteria, algae, organic waste

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