Aquaroche Arch Pillar 35 cm

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Aquaroche Arch Pillar 35 cm

Live rock function, neutral, for fresh and sea water.
Mixed stones to build decors. Big decors can be made with silicone
be strengthened. To use with plates.

These open-structured rocks with cavities, fissures and many other smaller openings provide shelter for
a varied micro-fauna. The porosity enables a great deal of bacteria and micro-organisms to flourish and
the whole arrangement becomes a filtration medium (similar to those used in filters).
Close up view:
enlargement of the section of a rock corresponding to 5 cm. One can see fissures, going deep into the rock
and connecting with a net of cavities of 100 up to 500 µ. These cavities are themselves perforated with
pores from 20 to 100 µ. Purifying bacteria (1,2 to 1,5 µ) can thus develop into the heart of the material
with a good supply of substances to absorb.

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