Tropic Marin PRO-SPECIAL MINERAL 1800 g

Tropic Marin PRO-SPECIAL MINERAL 1800 g

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Tropic Marin PRO-SPECIAL MINERAL 1800 g

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Manufacturer: Tropic Marin

Sodium chloride-(NaCl-) free sea salt for special applications in saltwater aquaria

In the closed system of a marine aquarium, minerals and trace elements are quickly depleted by growth of calcareous skeletons, precipitation and cellular metabolism. An insufficient supply of these compounds can lead to unnatural growth patterns and susceptibility to disease. Tropic Marin®PRO-SPECIAL MINERAL supplies the entire mineral and trace elements in the natural sea water ratios and is free of sodium chloride. This helps maintain the ionic balance in the aquarium without the addition of excess sodium chloride.


Sodium chloride-(NaCl-) free sea salt for special applications
Promotes the health of fish and invertebrates by replenishing supply of trace elements and skeletal components
Promotes stable ionic balance
For preparing of solutions for the supply of calcium and carbonate using the Balling method

How to use:

Add the proper amount of PRO-SPECIAL MINERAL powder to the incoming flow of the aquarium sump. This will prevent any undissolved particles from coming in contact with corals. Monitor all important water parameters (including KH, calcium and magnesium concentrations, etc.).

Dosage: Add 2 level (leveling spatula included) measuring spoons per 100 liters/ 26 US gallons of total aquarium system water volume per week. For densely populated systems the quantity can be doubled.

We recommend the additional use of Tropic Marin® BIO-CALCIUM or BIO-CALCIUM ORIGINAL BALLING Liquid Set to deliver the necessary lime supply for reef aquariums according to the Balling method.

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