Tropic Marin KH/Alkalinity Test saltwater/freshwater

Tropic Marin KH/Alkalinity Test saltwater/freshwater

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Tropic Marin KH/Alkalinity Test saltwater/freshwater

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Manufacturer: Tropic Marin

For determining the alkalinity

Alkalinity is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen carbonate and carbonate ions in water; with increasing pH-value also of the hydroxide ions. The concentration of these ions determines the buffering capacity of water, i.e. the capability of the water to maintain proper pH. If the percentage of hydrogen carbonate and carbonate ions is too low, the pH value of the water may drop severely (acidity drop) causing a life threatening condition for many invertebrates and fish.

The Tropic Marin® KH/ALKALINITY test kit makes it possible to quickly determine the buffering capacity of your aquarium water by ease of use and high accuracy.


For determining the alkalinity
Determine the buffer capacity of the water and ensure the stability of the pH value
This test kit will do approximately 100 tests (depending on test results) that are both fast and accurate
Measurement in °dKH (Conversion Table for other units in the instruction manual included)

How to use:

1. Shake the dropper bottle before use.

2. Rinse the glass vial in tap water, then several times with aquarium water and fill it with 5 ml of aquarium water sample using the measuring syringe.

3. Counting each drop, add the KH-test reagent drop by drop (shake vial lightly after each drop) until the color of the solution turns from GREEN to RED-ORANGE (similar to the color on the top of the packaging).

4. Each drop of reagent corresponds to one degree of hardness. The total number of the drops used equals the total hardness of the solution in °dKH, for example 8 drops = 8° dKH. To increase the accuracy of the measurement, a 10 ml water sample (instead of 5 ml) can be used. In this case one drop corresponds to 0.5° dKH, e.g. 15 drops = 7,5° dKH.

5. Rinse the glass vial and the measuring syringe with tap water.

Optimal alkalinity:
In a marine aquarium, the alkalinity should be between 6 and 9° dKH (German carbonate hardness).

When your alkalinity is too low or too high:
If the values are too low, for adjustment of the carbonate hardness to the optimal values use Tropic Marin® TRIPLE-BUFFER. There are different possibilities for water softening when the alkalinity is too high (above 15° dKH). For marine aquaria we recommend using Tropic Marin® ALCA-BALANCE. Ask also your local aquarium store for advice.

Storage life:
The reagents may be used for up to 36 months after opening.

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