Tropic Marin Calcium-Test saltwater

Tropic Marin Calcium-Test saltwater

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Tropic Marin Calcium-Test saltwater

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Manufacturer: Tropic Marin

For determining the calcium concentration

Right along with sodium, magnesium and potassium, calcium ranges among the main components of natural sea water. For organisms which form calcareous skeletons, for example stony corals and calcareous algae, calcium is an important growth factor. Because of the decrease of the calcium concentration, caused by the metabolism of organisms as well as by precipitation, a regular replenishment of calcium ions in the sea water aquaristic is necessary. A careful control of the calcium content in the sea water aquarium makes it possible to guarantee optimal living conditions as near to nature as possible for all organisms and to prevent damage.

In natural sea water, the calcium content is around 400 – 410 mg/l. This concentration should also be sought in the sea water tank. In a simple operation, the Tropic Marin® CALCIUM TEST makes possible an accurate and fast determination of the water’s calcium concentration and thereby a precise determination of the amount of calcium which may to be added.


For determining the calcium concentration
Highest accuracy: Results in increments of only 4 mg / l calcium
Sufficient for approximately 50 applications
No distortion of the result by high magnesium concentrations

How to use:

1. Shake each reagent bottle well before every use!

2. First rinse both test vials with tap water and then, several times, with the tank water to be tested. With the 5 ml dosing syringe fill both test vials with exactly 5 ml of tank water. Put one of the two filled test vials aside. This will be the comparison sample for step 6.

3. Place one of the two syringe tips on the red lettered 1ml dosing syringe. Fill the syringe with liquid reagent Calcium A up to the 20 unit mark and add the entire amount to the test sample.

4. Close the glass test vial with the plastic stopper and shake the solution for a short time.

5. Add a level measuring spoonful of powdered reagent Calcium B to the test sample, close the glass test vial with the plastic stopper and shake the solution until the powder is fully dissolved. The solution turns light blue.

6. Remove the plastic stopper from the blue test sample. Place the second yellow syringe tip on the black lettered 1 ml dosing syringe and fill this syringe with reagent Calcium C, exactly up to the 1.0 ml mark. One drop at a time, slowly add reagent Calcium C to the blue test sample. Swirl the glass test vial after each drop in order to mix the liquid thoroughly. Continue to add drops of reagent Calcium C until the light blue solution turns colorless*. In order to recognize the color transition easily, place both the test sample and the comparison sample set aside in step 2 on a white sheet of paper and sight from above into both test vials. The test is complete as soon as the test sample can no longer be distinguished from the comparison sample.

* If the test solution becomes clear after adding the first two drops of reagent C, it is an indication of a high calcium level. To test under these conditions, follow the test instructions above, filling the sample vials with 4 ml instead of 5 ml of tank water. To determine the calcium concentration with this smaller sample volume, multiply the value for the calcium concentration, read from the table above, by 1.25 to get the actual calcium concentration of your sample.

7. After the test sample becomes colorless, read the remaining amount of reagent C (ml) in the syringe, reading from the bottom of the black rubber O ring on the plunger. The result shows your calcium concentration (Ca) in mg/l (ppm).

When your calcium concentration is too low:
To elevate a calcium concentration which is too low we recommend the use of Tropic Marin® BIO-CALCIUM, which will react with the basin water to form directly usable calcium hydrogen carbonate. Due to the composition of Tropic Marin® BIO-CALCIUM, no undesired by-product will be formed. The ion ratio of the sea water will stay constant.

Storage life:
The reagents may be used for up to 18 months after opening.

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