EcoTech Marine Radion Wide Angle TIR Lense Kit for all Radions

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EcoTech Marine Radion Wide Angle TIR Lense Kit for all Radions

EAN: 748252302915

Manufacturer: EcoTech Marine

 “TIR” stands for Total Internal Reflection. EcoTech has engineered these lenses to capture more of the Radion LED light and direct it into your tank efficiently — making sure the light is going where your aquascape needs it most.
EcoTech offers two different TIR lens options for the Radion. The standard 80-degree TIR lens comes equipped on generation 2 Radion XR30w and XR30w Pro models. Our wide-angle 120-degree TIR lens reduces PAR at depth, but increases the coverage area.

EcoTech Marine’s TIR lenses direct the maximum amount of light possible, enabling you to get the most out of your Radion LED lighting. From aquarium depth to coral spread, no two tanks are alike. With both original and narrow TIR lenses, you have the flexibility to customize your lighting to fit your reef’s unique needs.

All Radions come stocked with our original 80-degree TIR lenses – and now, our 120-degree wide-angle lenses are available to update your lighting fixtures. Both lenses are backwards compatible, working with all Radion generations.

Have an expansive coral that doesn’t require a powerful light? Go wide angle. Deep tank with coral along the bottom? Stay with the original 80-degree lens.

For larger, deeper tanks, the provides a narrow beam of light that penetrates at a greater depth. At 120 degrees, the wide angle TIR lens is designed to have a generous spread, providing a greater lighting footprint with less tank penetration – optimal for smaller or shallower tanks.

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