Giesemann Teszla Bluetooth Interface

Giesemann Teszla Bluetooth Interface

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Giesemann Teszla Bluetooth Interface

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Giesemann Teszla Bluetooth Interface

TESZLA-S - individual control just as you like!

The TESZLA-S lamps have a built-in electronic board, which controls the color channels and the lighting duration up to the moonlight automatically. The controls are easy to use and provides all the standard options for the daily scenario. Sunrise and sunset are very easy to program with a single button - the light remembers the light scenario for a 24-hour rhythm is totally automated.

External control by your aquarium computer

For a more complex control of your lighting, we have equipped the TESZLA with an interface to your aquarium computer. The included LED are grouped by nature identical color composition. Depending on your computer multiple lighting scenarios can be realized by controlling each single colour channel of the TESZLA. This way you can use your self-defined course of the day, if programmed with cloud simulation, periods of bad weather, flashs etc. up to the 28-day moon cycle, fully exploiting all the features of your aquarium computer.

How does the Interface work?

The LED in our lamps are controlled by a micro processor, using digital signals. Since the standard aquarium computer, however, have analog outputs of 1-10V, the analog signal from your aquarium computer has to be converted into digital commands for the LED. The interface transmits the analog signals of your aquarium computer in the required digital commands, needed by the TESZLA.

How is the Interface to be connected?

To connect your aquarium computer there are two western sockets for three 1-10V channels on it' s back. The aquarium computer is connected to the INTERFACE by two special connector cables. Finally our USB cable connect the USB plug of the lamp with one of the four jacks on the front of the interface. The interface allows the connection of up to four TESZLA lights.

BT-Interface - comfortable control by Bluetooth

An ingenious upgrade pack allowing up to 4 x TESZLA or TESZLA-XT units to be connected and controlled in parallel via a separate Bluetooth interface which will link to either PC / Mac / Smartphone* or Tablet* using a simple but highly flexible software program designed exclusively by Giesemann. This software is based around the class leading FUTURA package, allowing full adjustment and independent timings of all colour channels using the multi-point time/intensity plot system, full real time lunar phase adjustability, and adjustable storm and cloud simulations. Settings are stored locally on the interface in the event of a power cut.

When combined with the Teszla and Tezsla-XTs unrivalled spread and even distribution, this upgrade pack puts virtually limitless control at your fingertips. No silly server connections, No requirement for an online connection, and no silly registration scheme. Simply connect, download the software to your local device, and away you go.

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